Adventure Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand is widely known as an adventure capital and offers an incredible array of adrenaline pumping experiences, from whitewater rafting and kayaking through turbulent rivers, to hiking along glaciers dotted with icebergs, to mountain bike trails through wild forests.

Take a helicopter flight over Mount Cook – the highest peak in New Zealand – and ski its rugged slopes! Or use heli-skiing to access remote backcountry terrain within New Zealand’s beautiful national parks.


Experience an adrenaline rush like no other when hurtling towards the earth at 200km/h with a skydive in Auckland! A skydive in this city will take your breath away and leave unforgettable memories behind. Auckland has earned itself a place on many bucket lists due to its great skydiving facilities as well as stunning views of national parks, lakes, and mountains that only can be found here!

Tandem skydives offer an ideal experience for first-timers. Attached tightly to an experienced instructor, freefall lasts approximately 50 seconds before pulling the ripcord to open your parachute and land safely back on Earth – giving you an unforgettable view of New Zealand scenery from an entirely unique viewpoint! This experience won’t soon be forgotten!

Central Otago’s snow-capped peaks and crystal-blue lakes make for an impressive panorama, particularly from above. Skydiving in Franz Josef can bring the mountains even closer to life – particularly from above where you can spot Tasman Glacier, Mt Cook (Aoraki), Middle-earth fans can view Mt Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom), with round trip transport included in this package deal.


New Zealand is an incredible kayaking paradise with lakes, bays and open water to discover. The country’s sheltered waters provide ideal conditions for both novice and seasoned paddlers alike; kayaking is popular throughout the year but peak conditions typically occur from December to March.

Kayaking on Milford Sound’s towering peaks is an essential boat tour in New Zealand’s Fiordland region, but you can also experience its waters without leaving home through kayak rental services such as Southern Discoveries’ base in Milford Sound – they offer rental alongside various activities like diving and snorkelling!

Abel Tasman National Park on the northern coast of South Island is an idyllic kayaking spot, famed for its golden beaches and aquamarine waters. A variety of tours run throughout summer; Abel Tasman Kayaks offers full-day expeditions through this picturesque coastline.

Marlborough Sounds and Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf are renowned as top kayaking spots, boasting clear waterways with abundant marine wildlife such as dolphins, fur seals and Hector’s dolphins spotted from the water. Additionally, several wildlife reserves and sanctuaries exist within each location that allow paddlers to explore them freely.


New Zealand offers an enchanting landscape dotted with lush forests, glaciers and lakes that makes for the ideal playground for adventurers looking for constant adrenaline rush and to test themselves against nature. New Zealand provides many thrilling sports such as kayaking on crystal blue lakes or climbing icy summits – as well as trekking remote wilderness trails – which make up its unique experience.

Canyoning is an adrenaline-fuelled outdoor experience perfect for nature enthusiasts who seek adventure. Canyoning takes visitors on an incredible journey through stunning waterfalls and hidden ravines that few have the privilege of experiencing. However, this sport should not be taken lightly: It involves abseiling down rock walls as well as climbing and diving through narrow gorges – among many other extreme activities!

No matter your experience level or skill set, Queenstown has canyoning trips that offer something suitable. Choose between easy or advanced challenges; half day canyoning tours also exist if full day adventures don’t float your boat.

Instead of canyoning, one can also go mountain biking through New Zealand’s rugged terrain. Mountain biking provides an enjoyable way to experience its natural wonders and feel its cool breeze on your hair and skin. Don’t forget AJ Hackett in Queenstown; visit this world-class bungy site for added thrills!


Zorbing, an extreme sport originating in Rotorua on New Zealand’s North Island, involves riding inside an inflatable plastic ball known as a Zorb, similar to an inflatable beach ball, at incredible speeds down a hill or track! Since its debut in the mid-1990s, zorbing has proven immensely popular, also known as globe riding, sphering or hill-rolling.

Zorbing can be enjoyed solo or with up to three people at the same time, although a harness may provide extra safety if desired. For an exciting ride with even greater adrenaline rush, H2OGO provides similar experience but with 40 liters of water added for even greater fun!

New Zealand pioneered this crazy sport and remains one of the premier destinations to experience it. Zorb Rotorua and OGO Rotorua offer two primary sites where zorbing takes place on the western side of town; many recent visitors report laughing so hard their sides hurt while rolling down hills in their zorbs! Recent travelers raved that these experiences provided plenty of laughter; several riders suggest purchasing multiple rides upfront for maximum savings; the fantastic staff at these sites will ensure your ride remains both safe and entertaining!